A British Picnic

I was back in the UK this weekend and on Saturday night we were treated to a lovely outdoors concert. In true British style the rain did not dampen our spirits and we all had a great time. We had a gazebo and so we were protected from the rain. We also had a load of food and wine to enjoy during the concert and it got me thinking about Brits and their picnics. Whilst the Germans love to do a bit of grilling and take their BBQs to the park to grill some Bratwurst us Brits love a good picnic. This often ends up being in the rain but that is all part of the fun! A picnic basket full of treats and champagne – you can’t go wrong.

So what is a British picnic? To start we had homemade bread, salmon, dips and olives. Later in the evening we enjoyed a mini theme – mini quiche, chicken pies, fish cakes, scottish eggs, coronation chicken, rice salad and plenty more. Desert was strawberry tarts, lemon cake, brownies. It was perfect and highlights just how good a British picnic is.

I should probably jump in now and say that I take no credit for the great picnic I enjoyed on Saturday evening. My boyfriend’s sister cooked up a real storm that everyone enjoyed. I won’t give away any of her secret recipes but it has definitely inspired me to prepare a picnic soon!

Enjoy the sunshine and happy picnic season!

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